DIC Plastic Pallets

Our areas of activities are Sri Lanka and Maldives Island


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With 19 Years of Association in promoting “DIC” plastic Pallets and a total of over 20 years in dealing with the relevant product, we at “MH Consultants & Associates offer our long standing expertise in Plastic Pallets combined with one of the most reliable products in the market today.
DIC” Plastic Pallets, manufactured according to Japanese Technology are sold in almost every Asian Country, Australia, Europe to Africa from their facilities spread across Asia.

DIC” takes pride in their superior product, as a result, these pallets todate have had “Zero” quality issues in Sri Lanka.



M H Consultants & Associates was established as a company in the field of Material Handling in Sri Lanka & expanded its main focus to India, China, Thailand & to Malaysia taking into advantages of the vast Industrial development taken placed in these countries. We Market a range of Material Handling and Packaging products in Sri Lanka and several other countries. Which includes :

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Steel Drums

The Steel drums offered by us are manufactured according to U.S. norms for handling liquid packaging, in JIS G 3141 specification in capacities.

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Liquid Packaging

We offer a wide range of Liquid packaging from Flexitanks, Paper IBS, Composite IBC, BIB to Steel Drums

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Plastic Sheets

Plastic sheets offerd by us are used in every segment in food application to industrial.